Top 5 Parents Favorite Luxury Strollers

The world of strollers has become very competitive. Back from the time when strollers were first introduced in the 1730s to date, the world of strollers has seen massive modernization. Initially, it was introduced as a luxury but soon it became a household item.

Now, strollers have reached every part of the world. It has manifested itself in all walks of human life. Be it be traveling or as a part of lifestyle or going for a jog or even running daily errands, strollers are trending like never.

Top 5 Best Luxury Strollers 2020

Car-Seat Stroller by Doona

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Why Parents Like It:

Their favorite part of this stroller is its easy maneuverability; it can be easily pushed with one hand. It is also very small and compact which makes it easier to travel on buses and trains. The one-button push helps to fold the stroller pretty quickly.

Editors Rating:

Doona is an insightful brand that commits to making lives simpler for parents and their babies. All the products manufactured by them are innovative at length and never compromises on the quality and safety of their customers.

First, of its kind, the Doona Car Seat stroller is the first infant car seat stroller to be made and has an innovative design. The sleek stroller lets you traverse from one place to another at ease. You can also hop out of the car without disturbing the baby with its impact-protection feature.

Car Seat Stroller by Doona
Car Seat Stroller by Doona
Small | Easy Maneuver | One-button Fold

Key Features:

  • Quick-fold: A simple click can convert it from a car seat to a stroller; this feature is quite the favorite among parents.
  • Design: The Doona stroller comes in 6 different colors with a black inner seat and stylish aluminum frame.
  • Anti-rebound Protection: Though being a hybrid, it still maintains topmost safety standards for your baby. The car seat handles positions with the back of the front seat, providing protection to the infant during a jerk or fast-braking.
  • Weight: From 4 lbs to 35 lbs, this convertible stroller can be used up to 2 years of age. It comes rear-facing only.
  • Boxed-up Accessories: Infant car seat, bamboo infant insert, bamboo head support, seat protector, and seat base.

Things To Look Out For:

  • Storage Basket: It has no storage basket. It might be difficult to walk with the stroller and carry your baby bag at the same time. Not having space to carry your baby’s essentials could be a problem.
  • Handlebar Height: It might make it tough for taller parents to manage this stroller smoothly as it doesn’t go high enough.

Yoyo2 Stroller by Babyzen

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Why Parents Like It:

Babyzens Yoyo2 stroller is ultra-lightweight and super easy to carry. The cushion seat puts the baby in comfort and the peekaboo window on the umbrella canopy makes it simpler to keep an eye on the baby.

Editors Rating:

Babyzen Yoyo2 stroller is specially designed for the parents on the go. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy for you to carry anywhere, be it catching a subway or a bus, or flying to other parts of the world.

One of the best among lightweight strollers, Babyzen Yoyo2 Stroller has carved a mark in the hearts of all parents and babies with its comfort and safety features. With a weight accommodation of up to 40 lbs and an easily accessible storage basket carrying up to 11 lbs, this stroller easily ranks up high on parents’ lists.

Babyzen Yoyo 2
Babyzen Yoyo 2
Black Frame with Toffee Seat Cushion & Canopy


  • Compact and lightweight: It weighs 13.6 lbs and can be easily carried on the shoulder with its padded shoulder strap. It can be folded using one hand.
  • Harness: It comes with a 5-point harness with anti UV fabric canopy with UFP 50+, protecting your baby from harmful UV rays.
  • Wheels: its shock-absorbent 4-wheel suspension wheels allow a smooth ride.
  • Storage: It comes with a storage basket with a weight limit of up to 11 lbs. This basket is accessible from the front and back. It also has a zipped back pocket for your everyday essentials.
  • Canopy: It has a canopy window allowing you to keep an eye on your little one.
  • Weight Limit: It can carry your baby up to 40 lbs.

Revolution Flex 2.0 by Bob Gear

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Why Parents Like It:

The Revolution Flex 2.0 has a huge UP 50+ canopy that is an ultra-reflective shade for the baby’s safety and also features a vent to check on your baby from time to time. The recline position is as good as flat and that helps a sleeping baby. Lastly, the most favorite feature among parents is the storage basket. The pockets alone can carry a water bottle, diapers, snacks, phones, and toys. The deep storage can contain a full-size backpack.

Editors Rating:

The BOB Gear brand is ruling the bicycle and stroller industry since 1994. They spent two decades creating revolutionary products for families and now are amongst the top brands of the stroller world.

Their main aim was to design strollers that would take the family on an adventure with as much ease as it would take them for a walk. They performed experiments on their own kids before bringing this best selling stroller for other families.

Jogger Stroller by Bob Gear
Jogger Stroller by Bob Gear
UPF 50+ | Locked Wheel | Flexible Handlebar


  • Smooth Suspension: The suspension has been made ultra-smooth for the Duallie to ride on any terrain.
  • Tires: The tires are air-filled with a 360° swiveling front wheel. The front wheel can also be locked with a little pin (included) for running.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: The handlebar is suited for any height as it can be adjusted in 9 different positions. This feature comes handy for tall people and they don’t have to put a strain on their hand by uncomfortable pushing the stroller.
  • Mega Storage Space: The Bob Gear Revolution 3.0 comes with 10 storage pockets. A separate zip pocket for cell phones, extra zip pocket, and many pockets aside, it also features a generously large storage basket.
  • Travel System: This jogger stroller sells a car sear adapter (separately) which is compatible with most car seat brands. With the adapter, you don’t need to spend extra bucks on a whole new car seat.
  • Canopy: The stroller comes with an extra-large UP 50+ canopies. It means when you put the canopy down, it covers almost all of the seating area.

All-Terrain Stroller Lynx by Bugaboo

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Why Parents Like It:

The Bugaboo Lynx is not only a parent’s favorite stroller but also our top pick in luxury strollers. Parents love the Bugaboo brand for its high quality and compactness. The Lynx is very light and effortless to carry around when not using it. The maneuverability is ultra-smooth, the seats are made from quality fabric for this stroller to last longer and it doesn’t take up much space.

Editors Rating:

All-Terrain Stroller Lynx by Bugaboo
All-Terrain Stroller Lynx by Bugaboo
Compact Design | Lightweight | High Quality Fabric


  • Lightweight & Compact Folding: At 20.7 lbs, it boasts a dual way of folding. One, a self-standing fold at about 23.62” x 23.62” x 34.65” and second, an extra compact fold at about 34.45” x 20.87” x 12.2”.
  • 3 Position Recline: This feature helps in adjusting the position of your baby as per your need, either facing you or the world.
  • Wheel Suspension: Top-notch suspension mechanism helps in maintaining a smooth ride for your baby on any terrain and turns.
  • Smaller Wheels: This stroller comes with a smaller front wheel which helps in easy maneuver in narrow space.
  • Full coverage canopy: It provides a full-coverage canopy with UPF 50+ protection that allows you to complete a babies’ sleep. A peekaboo window helps to check on your baby and for better ventilation on a hot day.
  • Car seat compatibility: This stroller is compatible with most car seats thereby helping you transform it into a travel system.

Stylish Baby Stroller by Hot Mom

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Why Parents Like It:

The Hot Mom stroller is a four-wheeled drive for babies with an extravagant design and leather made. Parents love the fact that the seat is reversible so you can face the baby whenever you want. Another feature that parents like is the adjustable seat and handlebar for both mom and baby’s comfort.

Editors Rating:

Baby Stroller by Hot Mom
Luxurious Design | Four-wheeled | High Quality Leather


  • Egg-shaped Seat: This stroller has a unique egg-shaped seat that helps the baby for spine support. It also prevents the baby from rolling over especially with the provision of the 5-point harness.
  • 360o Seat Rotation: With this feature, you can keep your child facing you or let him/her explore the world. The seat height can also be adjusted.
  • Suspension: The pneumatic tires on this stroller have good suspension for stability and to keep the baby safe on all terrains.
  • Handlebar: It comes with an adjustable handlebar, which is sometimes a necessity for parents of all heights.
  • Boxed-up Accessories: Stroller seat, stroller basket, rain cover, mosquito cover, wrist band, cup holder, seat adapter.

Features to Consider in Luxury Strollers


Safety Features

Because a running stroller will often be moving at a higher speed, the protection of its passengers is very important. Get a stroller with a powerful safety belt. Most of the strollers come with the crotch strap and it is very crucial to have it as it helps the baby from slipping while you jog.

Strollers that come with 5 point harness are the best ones; it includes two shoulder straps, two waist straps, and a crotch strap. These belts are height and body adjustable.


Lockable Front Wheels

Some double jogging strollers come with a pneumatic tire in front and two rear tires and some come with two front and two rear tires. These front tires swivel for easy drive on smooth surfaces and they can be locked for rough roads. It is advisable to have the lockable front wheel option so that your babies don’t feel the jerks on a rough surface.

The three-wheeled strollers with adjustable and/or fixed front-wheel work just as fine as the two front-wheel strollers.



The most important part of any good stroller is its brake system. A parking brake is necessary to use when you want to stop the stroller. Having a stroller with a hand brake can slow down the speed of the stroller and is easy to stop it.

Most double jogger strollers will have their brake system on the rear wheels; tabs operated by your foot. Also, there are strollers that have a bar on the rear frame, between two rear wheels, that can be operated by a single stroke.



While you jog in the fresh daylight or glaring sun, your babies might not feel the need to do the same. Babies need to be covered from any foul weather. Hence, canopies are a must while choosing your double jogger stroller. All strollers come with different types of canopies. The pull-down canopies are most used as they can cover the head as well as the front of the stroller.

Then, there are reversible canopies that you can pull whichever side your baby needs to be covered. Also, there are canopies that fully cover the stroller and just has a little plastic window from where you can keep an eye on your baby. These are helpful as your baby can be completely covered; however, it becomes a little confined and babies tend not to like it.



Last but not the least, a recliner on any stroller makes a comfortable ride for the traveling babies. Maximum strollers come with this feature. While you are jogging, the fresh air and the speed of the stroller will put the baby to sleep. Ensuring the seat to be laid back and reclined is a good habit for the baby’s safety. It is very easy to recline the seats; just pull the cords together and done.
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