Top 5 Best Lightweight Strollers 2021

Parenthood is a blessing; however, is the search for the right stroller the reason why your quality time with your baby is being compromised? Or did you choose a stroller that was too bulky to handle and have been lying in the corner of your room?

If so, then this is just the perfect place for you. It’s time for you to buy a lightweight stroller for you and your baby’s convenience. Many questions arise when choosing the stroller, you really need. Do you want a stroller with a larger canopy or the one that is manageable in all-terrain? With many such doubts, most parents get confused with the varied choices available in the market.

For you to choose the correct stroller, we bring together the features that you should have in your stroller; whether it is a jogger stroller, a travel stroller, or a lightweight stroller. So, sit back and relax while we present to you the 5 best lightweight strollers for you to enjoy a hassle-free journey with your baby.

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Top 5 Best Lightweight Strollers 2021

Minu Strollers by Uppababy

Minu strollers are accounted to be the best lightweight stroller amongst all available in the market. These strollers are quite light in comparison and are deemed to handle rougher terrain well enough. They are easier to fold and recline deeply for the comfort of your baby. It’s suitable from 3 months baby to 50lbs.

Uppababy Minu Stroller has a birth kit option and can be bought separately. It is solely made for the baby’s comfort and hence designed to allow a newborn to lie flatly in the seat. The stroller is lightweight but has enough storage space under the seat that can hold a diaper bag and a little more.

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Uppababy Minu Stroller
Uppababy Minu Stroller
Jordan Style in Charcoal Melange, Silver & Black.

Pockit Lightweight Stroller by GB

With record-holding folded dimensions, GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller is the most compact stroller on the list. Yet even with its small stature, it is strong enough and suitable to hold a child of about 6 months till they reach 55 pounds.

As a minimalistic stroller, it has a small overhead canopy. But combined with its other features which include one-hand steering, lockable front wheels, lightweight aluminum frame, it doesn’t lose out to any other stroller on the list. The seat reclines for the baby’s comfort as well. Just with its ease in compacting, this travel stroller is baby worthy.

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GB Pockit
GB Pockit

3Dlite Convenience Stroller by Summer Infant

Running errands never seemed easy while ensuring your baby’s comfort. Worry no more! Summer 3Dlite+ convenience stroller is super light, weighing only 14 lbs.  This stroller is designed to be parent-friendly so that you can run your daily chores or take your baby on a trip without worrying about your family’s comfort.

This travel stroller is yet another top-notch one on the list. With features that make it usable for daily use as well as a travel stroller. The summer 3Dlite+ convenience stroller brings out the best in your baby for a small stroll or a long journey.

With its compact fold feature and padded carry strap, traveling has become easier for couples with a child. Also, with its comfortable features such as reclining seats, oversized canopy, babies feel happy and cozy.

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  • Convenience: This stroller is specially designed for the comfort of the baby and the convenience of the parent. Its premium fabrics ensure the comfort of the baby and it is durable. It is provided with an extra-large storage basket for your convenience.
  • Harness: It has a 5-point safety harness with a multi-position adjustable recline seat which can be adjusted with one hand.
  • Compact Design: Its compact design allows you to run errands comfortably. It has a padded carry strap making it easy for you to carry the stroller.
  • Canopy: Its over-sized canopy comes with a flip-out sun visor and a peekaboo window for you to keep an eye on your baby.
  • Parent-Friendly: Its additional features such as a cup holder, cell phone holder, sipper holder, zipped storage pocket and its auto-lock compact fold design makes it parent-friendly.
  • Wheels: Its anti-shock front wheels make it suitable for all terrains, be it rough roads or cobblestone streets. It also has lockable rear wheels.
  • Weight limit: It can carry your baby from 6 months up to 50 lbs.

Summer Infant
Summer Infant
Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Oversized Canopy

Bee5 Complete Stroller by Bugaboo

Bugaboo Bee5 complete stroller specially designed for Urban Life is the most popular lightweight stroller. It makes it easier to manoeuver on city streets and sharp turns while ensuring your baby’s comfort. Its reversible seat allows you to connect with your baby while on the go. It comes in 13 different colors.

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  • Lightweight compact fold: This stroller weighing 20 lbs folds into a compact stroller making it easy to store.
  • Height-Adjustable Handlebar: It has an adjustable handlebar. You can adjust it as per your height with simple click buttons, designed to withstand up to 100,000 times.
  • Comfortable Design: Its plush seat ensures to keep your baby cheerful. The adjustable backrest and footrest customized as per the growth of the baby. Its car seat compatible with top car seat brands including Maxi Cosi, Chico, Nuna, Peg Perego, Britax, and Cybex.
  • Premium Quality: It undergoes 1,500 tests to ensure a hassle-free ride. Its durable soft fabrics are machine washable. Suitable for usage up to 37.5 lbs weight.

Bugaboo Bee5
Bugaboo Bee5
Compact, Foldable Stroller for Travel and Urban Life

Yoyo2 Stroller by Babyzen

Babyzen Yoyo2 stroller is specially designed for the parents on the go. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy for you to carry anywhere, be it catching a subway or a bus, or flying to other parts of the world.

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  • Compact and lightweight: It weighs 13.6 lbs and can be easily carried on the shoulder with its padded shoulder strap. It can be folded using one hand.
  • Harness: It comes with a 5-point harness with anti UV fabric canopy with UFP 50+, protecting your baby from harmful UV rays.
  • Wheels: its shock-absorbent 4-wheel suspension wheels allow a smooth ride.
  • Storage: It comes with a storage basket with a weight limit of up to 11 lbs. This basket is accessible from the front and back. It also has a zipped back pocket for your everyday essentials.
  • Canopy: It has a canopy window allowing you to keep an eye on your Lil’ one.
  • Weight Limit: It can carry your baby up to 40 lbs.

Babyzen Yoyo 2
Babyzen Yoyo 2
Black Frame with Toffee Seat Cushion & Canopy

Features To Consider In A Lightweight Stroller


5-Point Harness

Because a running stroller will often be moving at a higher speed, the protection of its passengers is very important. Get a stroller with a powerful safety belt. Most of the strollers come with the crotch strap and it is very crucial to have it as it helps the baby from slipping while you jog. Strollers that come with 5 point harness are the best ones; it includes two shoulder straps, two waist straps, and a crotch strap. These belts are height and body adjustable.


Lockable Wheels

Some double jogging strollers come with a pneumatic tire in front and two rear tires and some come with two front and two rear tires. These front tires swivel for easy drive on smooth surfaces and they can be locked for rough roads. It is advisable to have the lockable front wheel option so that your babies don’t feel the jerks on a rough surface. The three-wheeled strollers with adjustable and/or fixed front-wheel work just as fine as the two front-wheel strollers.

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The most important part of any good stroller is its brake system. A parking brake is necessary to use when you want to stop the stroller. Having a stroller with a hand brake can slow down the speed of the stroller and is easy to stop it. Most double jogger strollers will have their brake system on the rear wheels; tabs operated by your foot. Also, there are strollers that have a bar on the rear frame, between two rear wheels, that can be operated by a single stroke.



While you jog in the fresh daylight or glaring sun, your babies might not feel the need to do the same. Babies need to be covered from any foul weather. Hence, canopies are a must while choosing your double jogger stroller. All strollers come with different types of canopies. The pull-down canopies are most used as they can cover the head as well as the front of the stroller. Then, there are reversible canopies that you can pull whichever side your baby needs to be covered. Also, there are canopies that fully cover the stroller and just has a little plastic window from where you can keep an eye on your baby. These are helpful as your baby can be completely covered; however, it becomes a little confined and babies tend not to like it.



Last but not the least, a recliner on any stroller makes a comfortable ride for the traveling babies. Maximum strollers come with this feature. While you are jogging, the fresh air and the speed of the stroller will put the baby to sleep. Ensuring the seat to be laid back and reclined is a good habit for the baby’s safety. It is very easy to recline the seats; just pull the cords together and done.
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