Mockingbird Stroller Review : A $395 Treat for Parents

Mockingbird Stroller Review : A $395 Treat for Parents
Easy Convert from One - Two-seater
One-hand Fold
Handlebar & Footrest
Storage Basket, Versatility


Parenting and Strollers

Parenting & Stroller

To-be parents are always in a dilemma about most products they would need as the baby’s arrival comes nearer. Cribs and strollers are the pillars of any baby’s comfort and parents spend the most time researching for the best ones in the market. The plethora of options in the stroller industry can be a good thing and a bad thing.

Good thing because you have many options to choose from and can get everything you need in one stroller. Bad thing because the many choices can leave you confused and you might end up picking the wrong one. Most parents take advice from other parents, but you have to check your needs and budget. So we bring you the best stroller review which will make it easy for you to decide why you should buy the Mockingbird Stroller.


Why Buy Mockingbird Stroller?

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The main aim of Mockingbird Strollers is to design luxurious looking strollers with high-quality material for all parents. They not only make the best strollers, but they also make them affordable. Mockingbird strollers are shipped for free directly from the manufacturers to provide transparency to their customers. The new parents can use the stroller on a trial basis for one month or enjoy it with a lifetime warranty.

The Mockingbird stroller is a single-seat (can also be converted into double-seat), multi-function stroller with paramount utilitarian values. The stroller looks very chic and street smart at the same time. One-hand fold, all-weather canopy, and being convertible are some of it’s best features. We will take a look at the detailed features of this stroller. But before that, let’s talk about assembling this splendid stroller.

2nd Seat Kit
2nd Seat Kit
The 2nd Seat Kit lets you expand your Single-to-Double Stroller to accommodate two kiddos
2nd Seat Kit - Additional Buy

As your family grows, the stroller offers you an extra seat with the same features and easy compatibility. The second seat is very easy to fix and takes less than 30 seconds to fit. The Mockingbird stroller single and double seat can accommodate infants and toddlers up to 50lbs. This stroller is the best way for a family to be together outdoors.

Details: The 2nd seat is exactly as the first seat. It comes with a lower adapter to fix the second seat, an upper adapter to adjust the first seat, a full-coverage canopy, and a full-cover sunshade. Buying seat inserts for babies is an extra benefit.

If you are buying the 2nd seat for a newborn, you can buy the baby carriage. If you have twins, you can buy the double stroller and the car seat adapters. There are many extras that you can optionally buy as the family extends.

The only thing you need to remember is that if you want to buy the 2nd seat kit, you must own the single-to-double stroller


Assembling the Mockingbird

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The Mockingbird comes in a large box that says – Let’s go for a ride! in big letters on both sides; front and back. The box comes in a bag and is delivered directly from the manufacturers to your house so that you don’t have to walk hours to find the right stroller and pay any retail marked-up price.

As you open the box, you will find the instructions manual. You’ll just have to follow them and your stroller will be ready in no time. The storage basket comes attached to the mainframe of the stroller. The wheels, front and back, come separated and can be attached effortlessly. Then the canopy, handlebar and the seat need to be fixed in the right place. And you are done. It is as easy to assemble as it sounds.

The Mockingbird Stroller – Instruction Video

Baby Carriage
Baby Carriage
Be ready for your new arrival with a Carriage that attaches directly to your Mockingbird Stroller.
Baby Carrier

There is no more reason to stay behind because you now have a newborn. With the baby carrier at an additional price, you can go outdoors, for a walk, or just to a fancy restaurant. The carrier has a plush memory foam mattress pad for cozy comfort. Your baby will fall asleep easily with the full coverage sunshade. The baby carriage can be attached forward-facing or backward-facing. The mattress pad is removable and can be washed in a machine. The rest of the carriage can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The only thing to remember is that the Mockingbird Stroller can carry only one baby carriage with a 2nd seat kit.

Car Seat Adapter

The Mockingbird stroller is compatible with most car seats at a very small price.

The most common seats that this adapter is compatible with are the Britax, Chico, Cybex, Graco and more.

Car Seat Adapter
Car Seat Adapter
Car Seat Adapter makes the Mockingbird stroller compatible with most commonly used car seats.


Mockingbird Stroller Features: One at a time!


The full-coverage canopy is all-weather, UPF 50+, spill-proof and water-proof. It covers most of the seat for your baby's protection. The canopy has a zipper see-through window for extra air and a small mesh peekaboo window to keep an eye on your baby.

The canopy also comes with a sunshade for full coverage that you can attach and detach as per your needs.

The interior of the canopy has been designed in black and white contrast to especially to develop your kid's visual abilities at an early age.

Two Seater

The Mockingbird stroller comes as a single stroller and as your family grows, it can be converted into a double stroller. The second seat can be fitted in as smoothly as the first one. The frame of the seat is extremely convenient and lightweight.

The Mockingbird stroller seat can be positioned in two ways; forward-facing or rear-facing. The fabric used on the seat is nylon which can be cleaned effortlessly. You can use a wet wipe or wet cloth to clean the whole seat.

The seat can recline in 3 positions; upright, slant, and flat for your baby's convenience and relaxation. Each seat can accommodate kids up to 45lbs.

One-hand Fold

This beautiful beast can be folded with one hand regardless of whether it's holding a car seat or no. It automatically locks when folded down at the push of one button; and it stands upright at the click of one lever button.

The frame of the stroller and the suspension system together makes the folding very easy.

Additional Accessories

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Handlebar & Footrest

The handlebar on the seat is an adjustable one. It can be fine-tuned as per parents' needs. The handlebar can also rotate to match with a parent's height.

Similarly, the footrest can be adjusted according to your kid's height and comfort. As your child grows, the footrest can be moved, rotated, and arranged as per your needs.

Storage Basket

The Mockingbird stroller comes with a considerable huge basket that can hold essentials up to 25lbs. Many expensive strollers do not have ample space for storage and hence the Mockingbird makers made sure that this stroller be as convenient for parents as for babies. The basket comes with a cover for protecting your stuff; it can be attached and detached easily.


The Mockingbird comes in 4 different colors with 2 different patterns and 2 different frames to choose from. You can mix and match in 19 configurations to make this stroller your roller coaster ride.

Colors: Black, Sea, Sky & Bloom
Pattern: Watercolor drops & Windowpane
Frame: Silver with Penny & Silver with Black


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8.5 Total Score
Luxurious Strollers with Premium Feel & Quality

Luxurious looking Strollers with high-quality material for all parents. Two-seater, One-hand Fold, Handlebar & Footrest, Storage Basket, Versatility

  • Easy Convert from One - Two-seater
  • One-hand Fold
  • Handlebar & Footrest
  • Storage Basket, Versatility
  • Doesn't come with a cup-holder
  • Parent Organizer comes at an additional price
  • Can't check out in person as it sells in no stores
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