Top 5 Double Jogging Strollers 2021: A Buying Guide

Love to workout? Are you a new parent adjusting to your new lifestyle with no time for yourself? No worries! A double jogging stroller will give you the me-time you need; whether you want to work out, get some fresh air, or just do something for you.

A double jogging stroller is designed to stay secure at excessive speeds and tend to have more safety features than the conventional strollers. Doing your own research and finding the right stroller amidst the plethora of options is too time-consuming. Hence, we bring you the top 5 double jogging strollers for your convenience.

Before You Buy Your Double Jogging Stroller

A double jogging stroller is an important part of your child’s early years, so it’s crucial to ensure you find a stroller that meets your expectations for overall performance and has the right features for you and your baby.


Safety Features

Because a running stroller will often be moving at a higher speed, the protection of its passengers is very important. Get a stroller with a powerful safety belt. Most of the strollers come with the crotch strap and it is very crucial to have it as it helps the baby from slipping while you jog. Strollers that come with 5 point harness are the best ones; it includes two shoulder straps, two waist straps, and a crotch strap. These belts are height and body adjustable.


Lockable Front Wheels

Some double jogging strollers come with a pneumatic tire in front and two rear tires and some come with two front and two rear tires. These front tires swivel for easy drive on smooth surfaces and they can be locked for rough roads. It is advisable to have the lockable front wheel option so that your babies don’t feel the jerks on a rough surface. The three-wheeled strollers with adjustable and/or fixed front-wheel work just as fine as the two front-wheel strollers.



The most important part of any good stroller is its brake system. A parking brake is necessary to use when you want to stop the stroller. Having a stroller with a hand brake can slow down the speed of the stroller and is easy to stop it. Most double jogger strollers will have their brake system on the rear wheels; tabs operated by your foot. Also, there are strollers that have a bar on the rear frame, between two rear wheels, that can be operated by a single stroke.



While you jog in the fresh daylight or glaring sun, your babies might not feel the need to do the same. Babies need to be covered from any foul weather. Hence, canopies are a must while choosing your double jogger stroller. All strollers come with different types of canopies. The pull-down canopies are most used as they can cover the head as well as the front of the stroller. Then, there are reversible canopies that you can pull whichever side your baby needs to be covered. Also, there are canopies that fully cover the stroller and just has a little plastic window from where you can keep an eye on your baby. These are helpful as your baby can be completely covered; however, it becomes a little confined and babies tend not to like it.



Last but not the least, a recliner on any stroller makes a comfortable ride for the traveling babies. Maximum strollers come with this feature. While you are jogging, the fresh air and the speed of the stroller will put the baby to sleep. Ensuring the seat to be laid back and reclined is a good habit for the baby’s safety. It is very easy to recline the seats; just pull the cords together and done.

Top 5 Luxury Double Jogger Strollers

We will give you the best 5 double jogger strollers that are trending in 2020. We take reviews from existing users and based on that we pick the best. Let’s see the topmost trending double jogger strollers for this year.

1. Baby Jogger Summit X3
All-wheel Suspension | Quick-fold Technology | Hand & Foot brakes

Baby Jogger strollers have dominated the market for quite some time now. They are highly maneuverable and make any type of travel hassle-free. They are specially designed for parents’ convenience. You can jog at any pace, on any terrain and your baby will still be at utmost comfort.


  • Quick-fold Technology: The Summit X3 is super easy to fold; all you need to do is lift the straps and it’s done.
  • Colors: It comes in 2 colors; Green and Black. It also comes as a single jogger stroller
  • All-wheel Suspension: No matter what speed you jog, your baby is not going to feel the road bumps and jerks.
  • Canopy: It has a UV 50+ sun canopy that provides immense shade on a bright day. It also comes with a peek-a-boo window for parents to check on their babies.
  • Adjustable Seat: This double jogger stroller comes with an adjustable seat that can recline near flat for the kid’s convenience. It also has a weather shield that you can adjust as per the seat position.
  • Storage: This stroller offers a big size storage basket. It can hold your backpack or two small cooler bags.

Baby Jogger Summit X3
Baby Jogger Summit X3
All-Wheel Suspension | Quick-Fold Jogging Stroller

Things to Check: 

  • Air-filled Tires: Though it’s not a big negative, keeping an eye on the tires to make sure they are full is sometimes a pain.
  • Rear Brake: It is sometimes difficult to use the rear parking brake while jogging.
  • No Infant Car Seat: Doesn’t come with this feature.


2. Thule Urban Glide 2
Light-weight | One Hand Fold | Twisted Hand Brake

The Swedish brand Thule has been renowned for making simple yet effective strollers. A stroller that provides comfort anywhere, anytime; this double jogger stroller is what a parent needs to stay fit. Thule has some of the best products when it comes to outdoor living.


  • Wheels: 16″ large rear wheels and a swivel front wheel makes maneuvering easy on any terrain.
  • Brakes: This double jogger stroller comes with a twisted hand brake on the handle that offers enhanced security while jogging or when on a hilly area.
  • Canopy: The double canopy can be adjusted in multiple positions. It comes with side ventilation windows for your baby. It also has a rain cover to shield your child from monsoons.
  • Storage: The Thule Glider 2 comes with ample storage space and a zip-top cover. A large cargo storage bag contents can fit into this storage space.
  • One-hand Fold: It is very difficult to carry a sport stroller everywhere; so Thule makes this stroller light-weight and easy to fold. Simply slide and bend the release tab; and the stroller folds itself.

Thule Urban Glide 2
Thule Urban Glide 2
Light-weight | One Hand Fold | Twisted Hand Brake

Things to Check: 

  • The depth of the seat is standard in size; however, according to some customer reviews, it could have been a little deeper.


3. Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0
Smooth Suspension | Easy Fold | Adjustable Handlebar

The BOB Gear brand is ruling the bicycle and stroller industry since 1994. They spent two decades creating revolutionary products for families and now are amongst the top brands of stroller world. Their main aim was to design strollers that would take the family on an adventure with as much as ease as it would take them for a walk. They performed experiments on their own kids before bringing this best selling stroller for other families.


  • Smooth Suspension & Tires: The suspension has been made ultra-smooth for the Duallie to ride on any terrain. Unlike many other double jogger strollers, this one stays up to their word when it comes to effortless suspension. The tires are air-filled with a 360° swiveling front wheel. The front wheel can also be locked with a little pin (included) for running.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: The handlebar is suited for any height as it can be adjusted. This feature comes handy for tall people and they don’t have to put a strain on their hand by uncomfortable pushing the stroller.
  • Mega Storage Space: The Bob Gear Revolution 3.0 comes with 10 storage pockets. A separate zip pocket for cell phones, extra zip pocket, and many pockets aside, it also features a generously large storage basket. The pockets alone can carry a water bottle, diapers, snacks, phones, and toys. The deep storage can contain a full-size backpack.
  • Travel System: This double jogger stroller sells a car sear adapter (separately) which is compatible with most car seat brands. With the adapter, you don’t need to spend extra bucks on a whole new car seat.
  • Canopy: The stroller comes with an extra-large UP 50+ canopies. It means when you put the canopy down, it covers almost all of the seating area. The UP 50+ is an ultra-reflective shade for the baby’s safety and also features a vent to check on your baby from time to time.

Overall, this is the best-selling double jogger stroller and has some perfect reviews from customers.

Overall I like my BOB Revolution Flex. It is great for both my 3-year-old and my 3-month-old. Jogging is easy, walking is easy. It is easy to maneuver around and relatively easy to fold and fit anywhere. I hate that everything from snack trays to cup holders has to be bought separately. For the price of the stroller- I really think they should be included. I also wish there was a way to have the snack trays be separated so I could take off one side or the other – Verified Amazon Customer
I’m a very busy mom. I have bought this for my youngest. He is loving it and enjoys our long walks. Easy to set up from the box. Absolutely love mine! Even told some friends and family to check it out – Anastasia
Bob Gear Revolution
Bob Gear Revolution
Smooth Suspension | Easy Fold | Adjustable Handlebar


4. Schwinn Joyrider Echo
Trailblazer | 2 in 1 Canopy

Schwinn is a Chicago based company that began making bicycles in 1895. Their main aim has always been to design bikes that let the people experience the confidence riding a bike. They offer products for all age groups and their strollers are not your regular looking strollers.

The Schwinn joyrider echo is not just a double jogger stroller; it converts into a trailblazer for bike rides with your kids. Made with a unique folding technique, it is very easy to transform the stroller into a trailer and vice versa.



  • Handy Transformation: The Schwinn echo comes with a kit that includes a handle and a front-wheel, making the transformation very smooth. You can jog or run with the stroller.
  • Unique Folding: This stroller falls flat easily with the help of latches on each side and opens up by pulling the handle to expand the frame. You don’t have to stress on spending energy to fold a stroller anymore.
  • 2-in-1 Canopy: The canopy comes with a bug screen as well as a weather shield; is very easy to open and close. The canopy latches itself into the stroller when pushed down.
  • Seats: The seats are cushioned bench seats and can hold two babies of 40 pounds each.
  • Storage: The double seats have an ample amount of space to not only seat your babies but also to hold their toys and a pocket for sippy cups.

Things to Check:

  • Not all bikes are compatible to mount a trailblazer; so you need to confirm if your bike can be mounted with a trailer.
  • It comes with a new fabric smell, some like it and some don’t.

Schwinn Joyrider Echo
Schwinn Joyrider Echo
Trailblazer | 2 in 1 Canopy | Foldable


Aosom Elite II
2-Wheel Bicycle | Jogger | Cargo Trailer

Aosom is a brand that has evolved in outdoor products; be it garden tools, patio furniture, pet supplies or sports tools. Their wide range of trailers and strollers is not limited to kids, they design pets trailer as well as cargo trailers too.

With an aim to create products that are convenient for families, Aosom has a span of brands like Pawhut, Soozier, Homcom, and Outsunny. All brands are made with a primary goal to bring maximum comfort with quality products that won’t break customer’s pockets.


  • Colors: This bicycle trailer/stroller/jogger comes in 5 colors; black, blue, red, yellow and orange
  • Canopy: The canopy is all-weather proof and helps shield your babies from sun and rains. It is also removable and comes with a 5-point harness.
  • 2-in-1 carrier: It can be used as a jogging stroller as you push it while running or a trailer as you mount it to your bike.
  • Cargo carrier: You can use it as a cargo carrier for groceries up to 88lbs.
  • Storage: It comes with enough storage space under the seat for diapers, toys, snacks, and groceries.
  • 360° Swivel: Features a locking swivel front wheel and full suspension system for ultimate comfort and control.

Aosom Elite II
Aosom Elite II
2-Wheel Bicycle | Jogger | Cargo Trailer
$349.99 $379.99

To conclude, these are our top five choices of double jogging stroller; and they have been selected by most parents as a favorite. To find out on best travel jogger strollers, please read our next blog post.
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