Buying a Jogging Stroller – 10 Most Important Features to Consider

Want to watch over your baby without missing your daily run to stay healthy? Then the right jogging stroller is all you need. But what makes a good jogging stroller? You need to carefully look into the features to ensure the safety of your baby and guarantee your smooth running.

Let’s check out what are the most important features to consider when you are buying a jogging stroller!

1. Design

Choosing the right design is the key to finding the right jogging stroller. Firstly, you must determine whether you plan to jog in the park or run along uneven trails of the hills and mountains. Find a stroller with labels like “high suspension” and/or “high terrain” to make sure it can handle the extreme up and down movement of the strollers.

Another important thing to consider is the seat. The most preferable and safe seat for a jogging stroller is a hammock-style seat with an incline. When the stroller is meant for you to run with it, avoid choosing a plastic seat with padding on it. 

The sling, hammock-style seat will be comfortable for the baby on the ride since it doesn’t have a hard surface that the baby might bang against along the way. There is also a health reason for it: sling seats reduce the stress on the baby’s neck and spine.

2. Capacity

The stroller capacity means how many kids will you take for a run? If you run only with one child, then a single stroller will be enough. Most strollers accommodate up to 75 pounds weight with about 4 feet tall. However, if you are to take two children, double stroller is designed with stability to carry two kids with different weights.

3. Wheel and its width

The main power of a jogging stroller lies on its wheels. It tells a lot about the terrain the stroller is capable of handling. Thin tires mean they work well on a smooth surface of a city road, but they are clearly not suitable for rough and wavy trails.

Even though you are going to use the stroller on the pavement, it is better to find one with large-diameter tires and sufficient suspension to handle small bumps along the way. But for off-road trails, choose a jogging stroller with thicker and larger diameter wheels. A 12-inch front wheel and 16-inch back wheel will do.

4. Front-wheel lock

Speaking about wheels, make sure that the front wheels are also equipped with a lock. When you move faster, the front wheels will get wobbly and make it difficult to control without those locks. It will ensure your comfort as well as the safety of the baby.

5. Brakes

There must be two kinds of brakes in a jogging stroller: handbrake and parking brake. Handbrake helps you to slow down the speed downhill, while the parking brake will keep the strollers in place when you need to let go of the handlebars.

6. Harness

Five-point harness is the most standard safety feature in a baby stroller. It covers shoulders, hips, and legs so that the baby won’t slip due to the avid movement. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a five-point harness could prevent any stroller-related injuries, including tipping and falling out.

Having a five-point harness as safety measure is not enough. Make sure the harness is strapped tightly before you go.

7. Shield and rain cover

You don’t want your baby to fall sick after being hit by extreme weather outside. This is why a sun shield and rain cover are necessary for a jogging stroller. Their main purpose is to protect your little one when you take him out for jogging during wet or dry seasons. Most strollers come with those two features, but not all of them are waterproof. In this case, you must buy an additional rain cover. 

8. Handlebar tray

While you surely have storage under the seat, the handlebar tray is another important feature. It is where you can put the baby snack or water bottles, as well as providing you a place to put your wallet, keys, and phone.

9. Foldability

Consider two things regarding the foldability of a stroller: size and difficulty. A small-sized folded stroller will save space in the storage and car trunk. And the easier a stroller to fold, the less time you spend on it.

10. Stability 

Last but not least, stability is a must-have attribute for a jogging stroller. A stroller with good stability gives you a smooth turn around the road.

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