10 Stroller Maintenance Tips – Key for a long lasting Stroller

Buying the best stroller that is equipped with numerous useful accessories is not the end of it. You must ensure that the stroller can last and works perfectly well after some time. Just like other items for transportation needs, a stroller should be maintained well and regularly.

Here are some practical stroller maintenance tips for a long-lasting stroller!

1. Wash all the removable fabrics

Remove all of the removable fabrics from the stroller. Starting from the canopy, seat, holder, etc. This is surely the best way to keep the stroller clean because most of the stroller’s fabrics are machine-washable.

Use the gentle washing mode on the machine and wash them using cold water. Make sure to use mild, fragrance-free detergent, especially when your baby is still a newborn. Detergent’s fragrance may cause allergies to the newborn’s skin.

2. Wipe down the stroller’s frame

When you are done removing all the fabrics, use disinfectant wipes to wipe down the stroller’s frame and handle. You can also use mild baby wipes, the same ones you use to clean their sensitive skin. Wipe it clean until all the dust and dirt are removed before using the stroller again.

3. Keep the stroller’s frame dry

Don’t let the stroller wet from cleaning to avoid rust formation. Cleaning the strollers requires double wipes: the first one using wet wipes, the second with dry cloth to prevent rusts.

4. Wash the detachable parts or the stroller

Remove all detachable parts of the stroller and wash them separately. Including the plastic parts such as snack tray and cup holders. Use warm water and mild soap to wash.

Detaching all these parts will make the cleaning process more thorough, especially for the areas that will be hard to reach unless those were removed.

5. Clean the wheels regularly

In order for the stroller to move smoothly, you must ensure that the wheels are also clean. While you are washing the upper part, check the dirt on the wheels as well. In fact, you need to clean the wheels more regularly since they are constantly in contact with the ground all the time.

6. Lubricate the moving parts

Pay attention to the moving parts of the stroller and lubricate them regularly. Especially the axles, bearing, and brake system. The folded areas also need lubrication for them to be folded easily. You probably need a small straw to make sure that the lube only applied to the needed areas.

7. Check the air in the tires

Just like your car tires, the stroller tires will naturally lose air over time. Read the manual to find out the ideal pressure for the stroller tires so that you can avoid over-inflation. The right pressure will make your baby more comfortable in it.

8. Keep the stroller away from direct sunlight

Do not expose your stroller to direct sunlight for longer than necessary. It will cause the color to fade and as result, the stroller will look dull and unpleasant.

9. Store the stroller in cool and dry place

Places that are too hot or too cold may cause damage to your baby stroller. Store it somewhere dry and protected from the sunlight and away from dampness.

10. Use vacuum cleaner for certain types of strollers

For strollers whose fabrics are not removable, you could use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt. For hard-stained dirt, use wipes or warm water to clean it.

Tips for Cleaning Strollers

Cleaning strollers to make sure it works well seems to be a piece of a cake at first, but it has many nooks and crannies that make it difficult to clean, and of course, very time-consuming. These tips will make stroller-cleaning faster and more efficient!

  • Read the manual first

The stroller manual is very useful to help you figure out how to detach every part and put it back together. It will also tell you how to remove cushions, fabrics, and all the attachments such as cup holders for a more thorough cleaning. You can find out the dos and don’ts to ensure your baby stroller lasts longer.

  • Use warm water and mild soap

The combination of warm water and mild soap allows you to clean every nook as well as non-removable fabrics without much difficulty. For heavily stained spots, scrub lightly using soft brush to get them clean. Also, refrain from using any bleaching product since it may cause damage to the fabric permanently.

  • Choose the right time to clean

Cleaning a baby stroller might take much longer than you could ever expect. Considering that you need to remove so many pieces, cleaning them one by one, and then putting them back together again, you better choose the right time for a stroller-cleaning. 

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